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What is Freedom Of The Creedom?

First & Foremost

I would like to thank you very much for your visit to the freest part of our universe.

You could have been on any other website, therefore I am very humbled and thankful for you taking the time to see what the buzz is about! Allow me to explain to you what Freedom Of The Creedom is.

Freedom Of The Creedom is many things, It is nothing new in fact it is a very old concept that has stood the test of time. It has been forgotten and rediscovered throughout history countless of times before our generation. For example;

– Former slave Peter Salem expressed it when he fired the shot that killed the British commander John Pitcairn during the American Revolutionary war.

– Patrick Henry expressed it in his declaration when he said, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!

– Martin Luther King Jr also expressed the spirit of Freedom Of The Creedom in his 1962 speech when he said, “…Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill in Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring. And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestant and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE’RE FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!””

Freedom Of The Creedom is something that has to be experienced through actively and consciously living life! Ladies and Gentlemen just look at the word ‘Freedom Of The Creedom’ and break it down. In it the phrase you have the word ‘Freedom’ and toward the end you have ‘Creedom’. Freedom is a way of life! Freedom Of The Creedom is the way one chooses to lead their life in an honorable way in every aspect. It’s a life that is founded on the principles of Dedication, Discipline, Respect, Love and Understanding at all times with everyone.

Freedom Of The Creedom is within every individual, it is a spirit! This spirit manifest itself differently in everyone. Sometimes this manifestation is ugly and other times this manifest turns out to be an absolute priceless master piece of human creation.
Originally the word “Asia” meant “within” and “interior”. The Japanese summed it up in a two word concept: Ketchimyakyu and Masakatsu! Ketchimyakyu means “the Blood Pulse” and initially ment passing knowledge from the master to the disciple. Today Ketchimyakyu has a broader meaning which is the passing knowledge down through generations. Masakatsu is achieved through correct practice of the knowledge. This is just a few of the endless qualities Freedom Of The Creedom embodies.

Often the mainstream news bombards us with negative images like gang violence, police violence, war, and poverty. What’s really disappointing is that the mainstream media does not inform us fully to the point where we as voters and consumers are able to make inform decisions. On the “Freedom Of The Creedom Show” we seek to entertain, inform, and get informed as well. This platform seeks to ask the forbidden 5 W’s Who, What, When Where, Why. We also look to find out how. The topics will range from relationships between Men and Women, Social issues, local, State, and National Politics. There will also be discussions about the dynamic between Americans that were born on the North American Continent and people that migrated here from other countries. There will be video blogs, written blogs, and photo gallery updated monthly.

The site will also feature an exclusive Freedom Of The Creedom Store stocked with T-Shirt apparel and more to come. Our Freedom Of The Creedom T-Shirts will have compelling images on the front with quotes on the back with author’s name that are just as hard hitting as the images. The T-shirts can be worn everywhere and used to make your spirit heard in settings where your spirit is being repressed.

Viewers will be able to view my brother, friends, and I on our journey to see how we interact with our environment and the experience of meeting awesome men and women that have the spirit of Freedom Of The Creedom as well. There will be times when the experiences are going to be exhilarating, overwhelming with joy and excitement. Other times it will be sad, eye opening, and extremely challenging. This platform is not for the faint at heart. Freedom Of The Creedom will rarely if ever make accommodations for anyone, group, ethnicity, religious feelings. Issues will be attacked head on in search of the root cause. We will enthusiastically tackle controversial issues.

Your Para vidya, “Higher wisdom” concerned with “spiritual” matters (i.e., getting right with god) and your Apara vidya “lower wisdom” that concentrates on more mundane, practical matters like how to defend your god given rights and not exchanging them for privileges. Both our Para vidya and Apara vidya will be stimulated and challenged consistently. We encourage lively debates as long as it is done within the Common Law Principles of our Nation.? Freedom Of The Creedom encourages solution minded debates that add value to everyone’s lives. We seek to find answer and solutions whenever possible.

Freedom Of The Creedom works within all us and is for the benefit of us all! “WE THE PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP BEING AFRAID OF ONE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!! Too often we are suffering because we refuse to talk to our neighbors, friends, about our hardships. Fore if WE THE PEOPLE opened up TO ONE ANOTHER perhaps we could or would find out that our suffering derive from a common source. If that were to be the case then most of our plight would no longer seem so daunting. Mobilization would be easier achieved no matter the distance, race, gender, or religion.

The spirit of Freedom Of The Creedom is too vast and filled with endless possibilities not to believe that, WE THE PEOPLE CAN COME TOGETHER, AND SOLVE OUR ISSUES BY ROUTING AND REBUKING ALL OF OUR COMMON FOES! We only need to believe in ourselves again.

“So you and I are the problem, and not the world, because the world is a projection of ourselves and to understand the world we MUST understand ourselves.” -J. Krishnaurti, The First and last Freedom, 1954:95

Here on the Freedom Of The Creedom we again like to thank you very much for your visit and we hope that we can grow together.
Freedom Of The Creedom like a GeeOoutaShould!

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  1. Wow. Very well explained. I wish for you two nothing but the BEST! For you both deserve it. You two have been through some very ROUGH / TOUGH experiences, since I have known you. I pray that God continues to watch over and bring Great Wealth to you both. Continue to be Aspiring and Educational as you are. Change the World, don’t let the World change You! Love you guy’s! Freedom to the Creedom!

  2. It’s very well detailed I like all the info you put into it looking forward to seeing your blogs and information I’m very proud of you guys but what about Canada

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