Who are “We the People” Independent from?

      I wanted my first blog to be about something fun to share with you all.  I was looking forward to share the fun pictures I’ve taken with awesome people that I have met over the past few months, but unfortunately that will have to wait. L    Well Ladies and Gentlemen I’m sorry to report to that WE AS A PEOPLE are in a sad state of affairs.  Of course many of you out there are well aware that AMERICA is really in bad shape spiritually, structurally, morally, and Constitutionally.  The 4th of July has just past us and I must ask myself and my fellow brothers and sisters what were we really celebrating?!  Are we really an Independent People?  With all of the Judicial and Police brutality the following illustration could have happened to anyone. Without further a due here is my very first blog.


            On May 22nd 2015 which happened to be Memorial Day weekend started like many other Friday’s before it.  I woke up early because I had a dentist appointment at 9:30am.  I was running a little behind schedule for my appointment, which met that I was not a going to be able to stop at the People’s Credit Union to get the funds needed to pay for the dentist’s serves.  Knowing this I asked my brother to go to the bank get the funds and meet me at the dentist around 11:00am to 11:30am.  My brother agreed.

            The dentist appointment went very well and the dentist gave me a great bill of dental hygiene.  When 11:50am hit on my watch I was not able to satisfy my dental invoice because my brother had not arrived with the funds like we had planned.

            With my breath being so fresh and my teeth being so clean, clean.  I was disappointed that the first few words that I was going to utter out of my nice cleaned mouth was going to be so foul.  I excused myself to the receptionist and apologized for not being able to pay.  I explained that my brother was due to meet me at the end of the appointment with the funds.  The receptionist and the entire staff were very understanding.  I left the dentist with the promise to pay later the next week.

            As I was unlocking my bike and leaving the dentist I could not help to think.  This was not like my brother.  My brother is very responsible and if he did not keep his word something must have happened to him.  Knowing that my brother and I ride our bikes everywhere my thoughts started to run through possible scenarios that would explain why my brother did not make it to the dentist with the funds. While I was mounting my bike and getting ready to ride off toward home the thought of my brother being involved in a bicycle and car accident entered my mind and at the very moment I ran into a cement block in the parking lot and fell.   Under normal circumstances I would have been embarrassed, but my I just picked myself up and set off to find my brother.

            When I arrived home I found my mother reading a book.  I asked, “Mommie how long ago did E leave?”  Mommie replied, “E left about a few hours ago to meet up with you.  He didn’t make it to the dentist?”   I explained to my mom that I was going to get my hair cut and that if E was to return home to let him know that I was at the barbershop.

            When I arrived at the barbershop I calmed myself down and decided that I was not going stress myself over something that I had very little control over.  E was where ever he was and at that point all I could do is wait till he came up.  Therefore, I decided that I was going to patiently wait until it was my turn to get my hair cut.  As I was waiting I had plugged my phone in the wall so it could charge.  I entered into a conversation with others that were waiting to have their hair cut as well.  We talked about Lebron James and the Cavilers.  Could the Cavilers beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA FINALS?

  When I got out of the barber’s chair I went to the wall where my phone was plugged in.  I noticed that I had a few missed phone calls and just as many texts messages.  When I examined the missed calls I realized that I recognize one of the phone numbers.  It was “Junior” a close friend of mine from NYC.  In Junior’s message he mentioned that a woman called him from Miami Florida to tell him that E had been arrested for stealing a bicycle.  As soon as I heard that message I was shocked because I knew that was not like E.  Besides that, the bike that E has is top of the line.  It just did not make any sense.

I opened up another message in my invoice to hear what the other messages had to say.  The message was from a very sweet youthful woman saying my brother had been arrested for stealing a bicycle. Apparently when the young lady was leaving the message she must have been talking to E, because I could hear E in the background telling her what message to leave.

 As soon as I heard that message I called that number back.  While I waited for someone on the other line to pick up I could feel myself turning green like the Incredible Hulk .  The reason why I was getting upset was because my brother had already spent a year of his life in jail unjustly the year before.  (More on that later…)   When the phone was answered it was the same sweet voice that had left the message earlier.  I explained to the woman who I was and I was returning her call to get more information as to where was my brother arrested, why was he arrested, who had my brother arrested, what was E arrested for, and when was he arrested?  The young woman explained to me that her boyfriend had been arrested and that my brother was desperate to contact me.  The woman further explained that her boyfriend instructed her to call me for my brother because my brother had already used his one phone call to call Junior from NYC.  The woman further explained to me that she was very upset that her boyfriend was being harassed by the system/police and that this has gotten to be daily, monthly, yearly situation that her and boyfriend have to deal with from time to time.  The woman asked me for my E’s full name so that she could go on the County Dade website and verify that it was indeed my brother that had been arrested.   I provided the information and few minutes later I received a text with my brother’s mug shot!  The woman also gave contact information of a bail bondsman that her and boyfriend use on a regular basis.  I took the information and thanked her all that she had done to help my brother and I.

After getting off the phone with the woman I was upset.  All I could think was about calming myself down somehow.  I could not believe that the police system in concert with the judicial system had been turned into such a corrupted slush fund for profit!  I decided that I would give Junior a call and vent a little before I decided on the next course of action.

When I called Junior I explained everything the young woman had conveyed to me about E’s arrest.  Junior and I began asking one another if this arrest had anything to do with pending case in Federal Court?  My brother had put a counter claim against the State Of Florida for having unjustly incarcerated him for a year for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence.  Therefore, it was only logical that we ask ourselves that question.  Both Junior and I were upset, but just as I thought Junior helped me calm down.  Junior suggested that I go for a walk or ride and so I could think clear.

After talking to Junior and going for a walk I called the bondman that the young woman had suggested earlier.  When I called the bondman I explained to the bondman that my brother was arrested earlier and that I maybe in need of his services.  I asked the bondman to provide me any information that would shed some light and make sense of my brother’s arrest.  The bondman explained to me that E’s bond hearing was going to be next day Saturday May 23rd, 2015 at the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building.

Attached you’ll see the arrest affidavit by Officer Kellser Brooks Badge #365.  Also you’ll find Affidavit of Truth that was sent to Officer

Brooks badge #365.  As a matter of fact you’ll find everything that’s already in the file in the Richard E.  Gerstein Justice Builing.

Dear friends please understand that is not about a bicycle.  Take the above incident and replace the bicycle with your home, car, bank account, business, even your child can be taken away because of police officer, prosecutor, and Judge’s egos.  The reason I am showing you all of this is because many people have this fallacy that our Judicial System is really seeking the truth.  Often when we see someone arrested in person or on the news many of us automatically assume that the police officers and the Judges are going to protect our rights.  We think that police would not be arresting anyone if they did not have a valid reason.  Well the sad truth is that the City of North Miami, Miami Dade County and the State of Florida is broke!  The system is very desperate to maintain and surpass its standard of living all on our backs and liberties.  They do this through imposing taxes on top of taxes, borrowing more money on future generations, issuing out as many parking tickets and speeding tickets.  The revenue is to pay the officers wages, make sure they have the most recent cop cruisers, guns (to shoot you with), endless source of ammunition to unload on you while you try to run away…

This past weekend how many of us just stuffed our faces with hotdogs, hamburgers, french-fries, beers, and soda in celebrations of Independence day?  I respectfully ask what are we Independent of?  Whom are we Independent of?  Have Taxes been lowered?  Have police stopped handing out parking tickets?  Has the national debt been satisfied?  Please understand that as the economy worsens everyone’s liberty is at risk.  Judges, Police officers are going to put anyone they can behind bars for just about any violation of their corporate Statues.  This is especially true for the poor.  As you watch the videos please keep in mind that many other poor individuals went before Administrator Mary Jo. Francis and gave up many of their god given rights just have their liberty restored and get out of jail.

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